Pi is a new cryptocurrency created by Dr. Nikolaos Kokkalis and his team at Stanford University.

What differentiates the new cryptocurrency Pi from the existing one is the fact that you do not have to spend money to buy the equipment for mining.

It is enough to download the Pi network application from the App store or Google play and start mining immediately.

The app does not consume battery, it does not use memory from the device, all you need to do is press the button once every 24 hours to continue mining.
BEWARE… Nothing else is needed except to download the App. 100% safe and guaranteed and DOES NOT COST ANYTHING

After three 24 hours you can build a 5 member trust cycle to increase your daily performance to Picoins. You can also invite friends and expand the network.

Download the app from the link here https://minepi.com/sovereign72
Those who choose to download the application can use the sovereign72 password to get started. The app offers anonymity as you can choose from the profile to display a nickname than your name.

There are 2 options for confirming that you are an existing person and not a bot. Confirm via facebook or send a message to confirm your mobile number, which no one sees.

Are you winning something today?A currency acquires value when it is exchangeable with products or other currencies. At this stage its production does not cost anything.

It's for the first time a currency that does not come out with a computer but with a mobile phone ...

Bitcoin has been around for 11-12 years and has been adopted by many as a currency, but it is expensive in its production and expensive. The power of cryptocurrency is its popularity and I'm sure you all know Bitcoin but not how to get it. NOW you know how simple it is to get Pi.

Simply DOWNLOAD the app and activate it 24 hours a day.

It is a pleasure to engage in something new without the immediate expectation of profit. The profit may come, it maybe late or it may never come. The important thing with Pi is that it does not ask us to waste resources or money.

Do not confuse mining with trading and purchasing cryptocurrencies. YOU WILL MAKE YOUR OWN COINS FREE ... If the pilot project of Pi is ever completed then, without paying anything, you will be able to exchange, sell, redeem coins you have produced. The purpose of the application is to produce coins.
So download the app, enter the REQUIRED activation code sovereign72 and start making coins!

The future may be here!
Download the app from the link here: https://minepi.com/sovereign72

It's different because .... it does not exchange computing power with currency, it exchanges new users, and stays in its currency network. And that makes the difference!

Don't forget to share. We all win!

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